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The Oceans are one of our most important ecosystems we depend on. Plastic is one of the biggest polluters with cigarette butts the most common and toxic littered item in the world and fish nets or ‘ghost nets’ the number one ecological disaster in our oceans. How is this still possible and how we going to stop it? Thats my passion, work and the reason I created Captain Flotsam.

So how to rethink all this types of plastic waste and find innovative sollutions to stop this pollution?! I dont have all the answers but I like the process of getting creative with waste and think about new sollutions and at the same time create awareness about the problem. And as long you show the problem in a fun interactive way people are interested to listen  


Providing guest lectures about the plastic soup and its environmental problems and workshops on circulair economy at schools.


Specialised in cigarette butt and fishnet pollution creating awarness and finding innovative circular solutions for the waste.


Proffesional song writer translating life with its beauties and struggles into music and the singer of the band Flotsam Metric

'Save Your Butt'

'School Education'

'Plastic Playgrounds'

Save our


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